How was your experience at Franklin County Medical Center?

We value your opinion and strive to continuously improve our services at Franklin County Medical Center. Your feedback is essential in helping us enhance patient care and overall satisfaction. Whether you’ve had a positive experience to share or concerns to address, we’re here to listen. Here’s how you can provide your valuable feedback:

If you have specific feedback or concerns, please contact our patient advocate at 208-852-4199. If you reach a voicemail, please leave your name, date of birth, the phone number you’d like us to return a call to, and a brief explanation of the nature of your call. You may also write to:

Franklin County Medical Center
ATTN: Patient Advocate
44 N 1st E Preston, ID 83263

You may receive a survey from us, this is a secure method to provide feedback.  Whether it’s a paper survey by mail, an electronic version via email or text, or a follow-up call, rest assured, these are legitimate and not spam—our trusted vendor is Qualtrics.

If you’d like to leave an online review click any of the links below. We strongly encourage you not to disclose any of your private information in an online review.

Franklin County Medical Clinic (Primary Care, Walk-in Care, etc)
Emergency Room
Physical Therapy
Home Health & Hospice
Developmental Disabilities Agency
Franklin County Medical Center (everything else)

To keep your information secure, we do not accept feedback via chat, social media, web forms, or any other form.

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