What is the Franklin County Healthcare Foundation?

With a steadfast commitment to elevating healthcare and fostering well-being, the Franklin County Healthcare Foundation, a non-profit organization, operates in alignment with its core mission:

Our Mission Statement:

Our mission is to support and sustain the Franklin County Medical Center while promoting healthy lifestyles throughout Franklin County and the surrounding communities.

Current and Previous Projects

Led by our dedicated foundation team and visionary board members, the projects below stand as examples of our unwavering commitment to enhancing healthcare and nurturing well-being within our community and beyond.

Ongoing Projects:

  • “Hit From the Heart”
    Join us for the yearly Franklin County Healthcare Foundation “Hit from the Heart” Golf Fundraiser.
    Invite your friends to enjoy a day of 18-hole, 4-person scramble. You can get involved by becoming hole sponsors, contributing to food and raffle prizes, and participating in the game.

Previous Projects:

  • All Tiled Up We successfully raised over $30,000 to help support the building of Franklin County Medical Center’s new medical office building. A donor wall in the new building recognizes the donations of individual community members. It is still possible to purchase a spot on the donor wall, please contact us for information.
  • Learning to Eat Right We supported a pioneer elementary school teacher’s project, introducing healthy foods to children. Many of these foods were new to the kids. This program taught students about healthy eating habits and helped them discover new foods they may enjoy throughout their lives.
  • Grief Group We sponsored a group targeting coping with grief that was facilitated by Priestly Mental Health. The program is a resource for those dealing with loss or other events that cause individuals to grieve and is free to the community.
  • Sports Equipment We have provided funding for various schools in our county to purchase new exercise equipment.

How Can I Support?

You have several options to contribute:

  1. Monetary Donations: We accept donations through Venmo, check, cash, or our online donation portal.
  2. Volunteer Opportunities: If you’re unable to donate financially, you can help by volunteering for ongoing projects.
  3. Spread the Word: Even if you can’t donate, you can still make a difference by informing your neighbors and friends about the Foundation and its work.

Venmo: @FCHF44
For donations by check:
Franklin County Healthcare Foundation Director
44 North 1st East
Preston, ID 83263

Grant Cycle and Application Form

The Healthcare Foundation aims to improve health in our community. Each year the Foundation allots funding to community programs and initiatives that help carry out its mission. If you have an idea or need help with a project, you can apply for a grant. You can apply between September 15 and October 31.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do people donate?

Your contribution to the Franklin County Healthcare Foundation directly betters community organizations and Franklin County Medical Center. It improves care, supports research, education, and quality facilities, leading to better health for everyone. Donations are an investment in both personal and community well-being, advancing healthcare services for the future. The Foundation is a non-profit and runs solely on funds raised through events and donations. We can’t help make a difference without you!

What happens with the donations?

Our donations directly impact our community—our friends, neighbors, family members, and even ourselves when we become patients at Franklin County Medical Center. Each of us deserves the utmost care. The Franklin County Healthcare Foundation channels donations towards enhancing equipment, updating facilities, education, and preventative care measures at Franklin County Medical Center and other community organizations. Your contributions actively improve care and well-being, ensuring a healthier future for all.

What is the annual grant cycle?
The annual grant cycle is our way of teaming up with organizations that share our healthcare goals in Franklin County and surrounding communities. We offer funding to projects that directly benefit people in Franklin County, Idaho. The application window is open annually from September 15 through October 31.
Are my donations tax deductible?

Absolutely. All donations to the Franklin County Healthcare Foundation are fully tax-deductible.